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ProtecTool Wax Polish 40ml 

ProtecTool Wax Polish 40ml £ 6.00 In stock

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ProtecTool Wax Polish - 40ml

ProtecTool Wax Polish is perhaps the most popular corrosion inhibitor to be added to the Shield Technology range, designed specifically for the woodworker but which is rapidly finding new uses by metalworkers, model engineers and museum conservators.  ProtecTool wax is a unique blend of soft  microcrystalline waxes and corrosion inhibitors that hardens on exposure to air. It is applied sparingly with a soft cloth, allowed to dry for a few minutes and then buffed.  In addition to protecting tools such as  hand planes and saws, and machine tables it reduces friction dramatically.  ProtecTool wax does NOT contain any silicone compounds which would interfere with adhesives and finishes. It is supplied in a 40ml pot.

To see a short You Tube video of John McGrath  'Man in Shed' using Protectool Wax polish click here.   Don't forget, postage within the UK is still just 1 penny!

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