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VanGuard Wipe (box 1000) 

VanGuard Wipe (box 1000) £ 450.00 In stock


VanGuard Wipe

VanGuard Wipes are a vesatile and quick means of applying corrosion inhibitor to a surface. Each wipe is packed in an individual sachet. The wipe is saturated iwith a triple action corrosion inhibiting package. It contains a highly refined low viscosity Swedish mineral oil which provides simple barrier protection. (The equivalent of an oily rag !) However, the oil also acts as the carrier for powerful ferrous and non-ferrous metal contact corrosion inhibitors and also a powerful vapour phase inhibitor. (Similar to that found in our ToolGuard VCI product).

In short, the level of protection provided by a quick application of the wipe will be exceptional. If the item or tool being protected is being placed in a container or tool box the wipe can be placed in the same place. The vapour phase inhibitors given off by the wipe will protect unseen and inaccessible surfaces.

A box of 1000  is useful in teaching establishments factories and maintenace departments.

Customers in Canada and the USA can purchase VanGuard Wipes from Lee Valley Tools - Part Number 56Z80.95


I use your ToolGuard VCI capsules in my various tool boxes/cabinets and they have proved to be excellent in preventing corrosion in a less than ideal
environment. The last lot I ordered came with a free sample of the Van Guard Wipes which have also proved to be excellent and is my reason for ordering more. You can be assured of my future custom for all my anti-corrosion needs.  Nov 2016 J.H. - Bedfordshire

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