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Record 043 Plough Plane Restoration

The following three pictures show the restoration process of a Record 043 Plane. The plane was so badly corroded that it was completely seized solid with rust and could not be disassembled. After immersing in a cold solution of Restore Rust Remover for 24 hours, the rust had been removed completely and the plane could once again be disassembled.  The second photograph shows the body of the plane immediately after rust removal - note the typical matt grey finish. The fence and fence locking screws have been wire brushed and therefore appear 'brighter'. The final picture shows the fully restored plane.  The guide rods were too heavily pitted to allow smooth movement of the fence and were replaced with silver steel rods. A new set of cutters was obtained from Workshop Heaven Ltd. The body and fence were painted with Japlac Gloss black. Although not original, it provides an aesthetically pleasing and durable finish. 

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