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Stockists in the USA and Canada


Lee Valley Tools. 

The following products can be found in the paper catalogue, website and stores located in Canada

NEW VanGuard Wipes                                        
Product Code 56Z80.95

Restore Rust Remover Concentrate 250ml        Product Code 56Z80.83

Restore Rust Remover Gel  250ml                      Product Code 56Z80.85

HoneRite Gold (No Rust Water Additive)            Product Code 56Z80.88

ProtecTool Wax Polish 40ml                                 Product Code 56Z80.89

ProtecTool Wax Polish 100ml                               Product Code 56Z80.90

Rob Cosman.

Rob is a well known demonstarator and teacher of hand tool woodworking skills. He stocks and supplies our HoneRite Gold product which he uses regularly when giving sharpening courses and demonstrations. For further details click here.

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