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Restore Rust Remover Photo Gallery

This photograph will be familiar to all readers of the Good Woodworking Magazine and the Woodworker magazine. It is the picture used in our advertisements. This is the photograph of a Stanley No 5 plane.  The image is made up of two pictures - the RH rusty view, before treatment, and the LH side after treatment with Restore Rust Remover. Thanks to Peter Hemsley of the Toolpost for the skillful photo manipulation. (The picture has NOT been enhanced / improved using digital photo processing techniques, they are 'as taken'.

The plane had been left out in the rain and snow over winter after a garden shed collapsed ! The plane was not discovered for months . Not surprisingly the condition was appalling. It was presented to Shield Technology as a 'challenge' ! After thoroughly derusting with Restore Rust Remover the plane is once again useable.


And at the other extreme ...............

This restoration is of a full size twin cylinder marine steam engine. Few details are know of the history of the engine – it is thought to be from a tug boat.  The manufacturer is unknown (data plates had been removed) Approx. dims. 2m High x 2 m long x 1.5m wide Weight Approx. 5 tonnes. Date, late 19 century. 

This engine was acquired by the Rahmi M. Koc Museum of Transport in Istanbul, Turkey. As acquired it was in an appalling state but the conservation team embarked on a challenging restoration project.

The start of many of the museum’s restorations is the removal of rust. The start of the project was the construction of very large tanks which were filled with Restore Rust Remover solution. The engine was dismantled as far as possible and then immersed to remove the rust.  The derusted surfaces were then either polished manually to bring the parts back to original finish or painted. This spectacular restoration shows what can be achieved with Restore Rust Remover. To date, this is as far as we know, the largest project undertaken.

The Rahmi M. Koc Museum are currently the largest users of Restore Rust Remover in Europe.

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