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ToolGuard VCI

The following information should assist users of the Shield Technology ToolGuard VCI product.
1QHow long do they last?

    A. This is perhaps the most frequently asked question. ToolGuard VCI has been designed to protect a volume of 2 cubic feet (approx. 50 litres) for 12 months. However, if the space being protected is larger, the duration of protection will be reduced and in a much smaller space protection will be considerably longer. The better the sealing of the enclosed space the better the level of protection - but read on.
2QDoes the enclosed space have to be completely sealed?

    A. No, however, by reducing air movement to a minimum, the better the level of protection.
If a tool chest containing ToolGuard VCI(s) is left open, it takes several hours for the protective layer to evaporate from the surface of the items being protected.  Wherever possible, always close the chest, box, container or bag.

3QHow can I tell if ToolGuard VCI is still working?

    A. Unfortunately this is not easy, as a very rough guide, if you can detect a slight smell then ToolGuard VCI is still working. If not, replace as soon as possible. It is far better to replace them on a regular basis so that protection is not compromised - choose a memorable date for replacement - a birthday for instance!.

4QWhat is the shelf life of ToolGuard VCI?

    A.  There is no shelf life.  Until the lid is removed ToolGuard VCI remains effective.

5QHow is ToolGuard VCI applied?

    A. Simply remove the lid, place in the container with the tools/parts to be protected and close the container. It is not rubbed onto surfaces.

6QCan ToolGuard VCI protect machinery under covers?

. This is not recommended, air movement will remove the vapour from the immediate vicinity and compromise protection. It can however be used to protect more enclosed parts of machinery, for instance, the top and     bottom cabinets of a bandsaw, electrical switchgear cabinets ets. Be very careful when placing ToolGuard VCI in this type of location that it cannot fall into moving parts of the machine or onto hot or 'live' parts of electrical equipment.  Extremely high levels of protection are possible with MetalGuard Ultra, GreaseXtra or ProtecTool Wax.

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