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EngineGuard Classic 250ml 

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EngineGuard Classic - 250ml

EngineGuard Classic has been specifically formulated to provide outstanding protection to Classic, Vintage and Veteran car engines that are used infrequently or that are inhibited and in long-term storage.

EngineGuard Classic contains both contact and vapour phase corrosion inhibitors.   The VCI component provides protection even if the liquid is not in contact with the internal surfaces of the engine.    The base product of EngineGuard Classic is a highly refined mineral oil blended to be compatible with all straight mineral oils and semi-synthetic engine lubricants, which means it is compatible with the majority of classic vehicle engine lubricants. Please note, it is NOT compatible with castor oil based lubricants or fully synthetic lubricants.

The effectiveness of the VCI compound has been comprehensively tested.   It is both fast acting and long lasting.  It does not have to be drained down prior to running the engine.

Dosage.    For the majority of car engines add approx 50 to 75ml to the sump.
For large V8 and V12 engines of 3 litres and above, the dosage should be approx 100 to 125ml.   For long-term storage of engines removed from the vehicle, where possible, block off breather pipes and exhaust/inlet ports and insert a rag dampened with EngineGuard Classic into each exhaust and inlet port.   Close with purpose made blanking plugs or poly bags.   It is not essential for the system to be 100% sealed for EngineGuard Classic to give protection. Supplied in a 250ml tin.

Please note, EngineGuard Classic can only be purchased from this Shield Technology website and Frost Auto Restoration.

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