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Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner 500ml 

Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner 500ml £ 16.98 In stock

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 Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner - 500ml   SKU: STN-BBC500

Restore Blade & Bit Cleaner is one of our latest products .  Over the years we have had many requests from professionals and amateurs, for a fast working pitch and resin remover.  We have addressed this need and produced a water based, biodegradable product which works fast - very fast!  Unlike products which are hydrocarbon based there is no detrimental effect associated with the transfer of the cleaner to the timber being processed.  As many will know, there is a move away from solvent based paint systems to more environmentally friendly water based products.  The problem is that the presence of any hydrocarbon on the timber will spoil water based paint finishes.  For this reason we have produced a water based cleaner.  The product is available in 500ml plastic bottles supplied with a separate trigger head spray. 

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